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Shiness is an Action Role-Playing Game, developed by independent French studio Enigami. Journey through a captivating universe, doomed to destruction since the fragmentation of the planet Mahera...

Play as Chado and his companions, as you travel across the Celestial Islands aboard an airship.

Following a rough landing in hostile territory, your party finds itself in the midst of a power struggle between several kingdoms. Chado ultimately has a chance to resolve this terrible conflict, aided by the Shiness - a magical spirit that only he can see.

Explore a large and captivating world, in which you can interact with the environments around you using the powers of your five playable party members. Found a sealed secret cave? Crush large rocks with pure strength to open it up, or use telekinetic powers to activate ancient mechanisms and discover a back entry!

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Shiness is an Action RPG which, in addition to its captivating and immersive universe, provides a character development system with immense freedom to the player during exploration and fighting phases.

Explore the lands of Gendys Island with your 5 companions.

Your hero and friends have different affinities toward Shi elements (water, fire, air, earth), which allow them to interact with their surroundings. Move a rock with telekinetic powers to open the way for your group, or light a torch to activate a mechanism... explore every nook and cranny to find objects and equipment that boosts your stats, or to discover parchments that teach you new skills.

Specialize in certain areas and discover new elements such as thunder, a combination of fire and wind, to unlock new spells and skills. Build the best team to match your style of gameplay, and the quests you'll have to tackle. The quests can be completed in various ways, but your choices during the adventure, and the characters in your group, will influence the main storyline as well as the rewards you receive.


Discover a rich and diverse universe: from the flying city of Mantara, to the plains of Gendys and Gromiz's caves. Shiness' locations are as fascinating as they are deadly! Interact with the surroundings using your characters' powers to progress in the story, discover rare items and even uncover whole secret areas!

While your characters' magic and skills are important during fights, they are also essential throughout the entire game to progress through the world of Shiness. Rosalya's affinity with fire can light up the way in deep dark dungeons and discover precious items, Poky's mechanical

knowledge allows him to activate complex gears, and Askel's whip is able to seize objects otherwise out of reach. During your travels, you're free to explore everywhere. Talk with every character you meet, to unlock side quests, unearth treasures, and acquire parchments - necessary to teach your characters new techniques.

Fight System

Shiness introduces a hyper-dynamic fight system that combines magic spells with classic fighting game mechanics. Upgrade your magic skills as well as your physical characteristics, and become a fearless fighter.

Take part in hyper-dynamic duels, where your companions and foes can intervene at any time to replace the lead fighter or help themp if needed.

Ask your teammates to heal you when your life is low, or to consistently cast a spell to boost your strength at the start of every fight.

Exploring your surroundings before a battle could help you find the right pieces of equipment to improve your stats, and parchments that teach you new disciplines.

The disciplines that give access to physical techniques will teach you new and increasingly devastating strike combos. The Shi disciplines will let your characters learn aggressive or defensive spells, some will boost your companions' abilities, and others lower your enemies' stats.

The power of your spells also depends on the affinities of your characters with the Shi elements (fire, water, earth, air). Finally, the hyper disciplines will let you learn ultimate strikes to unleash at appropriate times during fights!

Once in the arena, it's up to you to adopt the best timing for chain punches, kicks, magic attacks and destructive combos.

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"The larger my problems get,
the more I outgrow them"

Chado is a daring, yet sensitive young Waki whose dream is to travel far from his hometown Kimpao. Recently, Chado has been able to communicate with a spirit from nature, the Shiness. Since he's the only one who can see it, his people mock him. Chado can summon a rock on his back that can be thrown or used as a counterweight.

Shi - Chado

Shi : Earth

  • Race: Waki
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: Kimpao
  • Age: 11
  • Height: 4'5"
  • Weight: 88 lbs


"If people were like pieces of an engine, I’d understand them. Unfortunately, they’re much more complicated!"

Seen as a whiner in his village, this young Waki nonetheless shines with his handyman skills. This is why he was so enthusiastic to help his friend Chado's ambitious project to build a flying airship. Poky's incredible mechanical and engineering skills mainly come from his ability to manipulate magnetic fields and influence electrical currents. Poky can therefore easily repair machines, and has access to a beam that can attract enemy robots towards him.

Shi - Poky

Shi : Water

  • Race: Waki
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: Kimpao
  • Age: 10
  • Height: 4'3"
  • Weight: 121 lbs


"Kindness is a true strength"

Shelks are powerful people, and Kayenne is one of their best representatives. Respected among his kind for his uprightness and sense of justice, Kayenne has the soul of a leader.He knows how to remain calm in difficult times, in order to quickly make the best decision. Rosalya is particularly important to him - he wants to reunite her with her people. Kayenne is psychically gifted in telekinetics. By using his power, he can move most small objects around him, activate levers or switches, and momentarily paralyze his enemies.

Shi - Kayenne

Shi : Air

  • Race: Shelk
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: Nalluka
  • Age: 112
  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 242 lbs


"Never trust appearances"

Askel's reputation is already well established. Following Rosalya's disappearance, this formidable young mercenary from Adorya immediately starts to track her and seems particularly devoted to his mission.Armed with his Rose Whip, Askel can steal items from his enemies (or allies!) and seize what would normally be out of reach. This technique will be useful for expanding your inventory.

Shi - Askel

Shi : Plant

  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Origin: Adorya
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 157 lbs


"I forbid myself to lose hope"

Gentle, timid, and discrete to the extreme, Rosalya gives away few clues about her past. She left the town of Adorya escorted by Kayenne, a powerful Shelk who may have things to reveal to her and wants to help in her quest for truth. Rosalya can invoke magical fire, capable of lighting up any location and dispersing darkness. She can also use this fire to to reveal hidden entrances.

Shi - Rosalya

Shi : Fire

  • Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: Adorya
  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5'3"
  • Weight: 128 lbs
Chado Poky Kayenne Askel Rosalya

your opponent

Formidable monsters including colossal giants, fallen kings, and hordes of Gromiz will hinder your progress.Each creature possesses its own strengths and weaknesses – pay attention to them before charging into battle! Here's a sample of the very first monsters you will face in Shiness… but don't be fooled, as dozens more are roaming the lands of Gendys.


your opponent


Gromiz: The Gromiz are organized into several underground tribes which you'll run into north of the Meonis forest. During combat, they surprise their foes with their swiftness! One legend tells the story of the existence of their Patriarch, a big, mysterious Gromiz, that no one has ever really seen...


Kocli: A long time ago, the Dark Shi invaded the south of the Meonis forest. He gave life to the flowers therein who in turn became the Kocli. Living in tribes since then, they are now the principle enemies of the Gromiz. But one cannot judge a flower by its petals... beware of the poison they can spit!


Skelfon: Before being executed for having mocked the crown, he was the King of Adorya's fool. Discover how he came back from the dead... if he really did come back! Your path will often cross his during your journey.


Shiness is more than just a video game!
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom's world and story originally comes from the manga drawn many years ago by creative director Samir Rebib. Discover new information about this magical world, including in-depth histories of each character and the universe they live in, with the Shiness manga. In the build-up to the game's release we will periodically publish chapters of the manga for free on the official website, recalling the events that occur directly before the game's beginning.